Movement Practitioner Program


The Movement Practitioner Program is a 10-week movement and guidance program for those who practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong, mindful walking, breathwork or any other form of (inner) movement/body work.

Do you want to learn how to use your practice as the self development bridge to your daily life? Become more aware of yourself; your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, old patterns and daily habits? Learn through movement to see, experience, strengthen and let go of all things no longer serving you -in this moment and for the future-, in order to consciously create space for things you actually do want in your life? The Movement Practitioner Program is this and much more.

Movement Practitioner Program: practicing yoga to connect with yourself

Do you recognize yourself in this?


It is difficult to calm your mind during your time of practice. You may notice a lot of thoughts, for example about things you need to do that day, want to have, need to achieve or you need to go somewhere. Your mind is always going somewhere or telling you something.


When you suddenly find yourself very busy with a lot of things -work, partner friends, family, housekeeping, important appointments- your practice is one of the first things you scratch from your to-do-list.


Without knowing, you move on autopilot during your day. There is no single moment to rest, relax or sit with yourself to take a breath.


You don’t feel satisfied after your practice, because you didn’t get the result you wanted.


When you do feel good during your practice, this feeling vanishes pretty quickly when you start or go further with your day.


The thought that your practice is a waste of time sometimes crosses your mind.


You have noticed that you are not listening to your body as well as you would like. Forgetting to hydrate, or eating when you are already very hungry, go to bed late.


You want to get more out of your practice and use it as a way for self-reflection and self-development, but you don’t know how to give this shape yourself.

The Movement Practitioner Program will cover the following:


The relationship between yourself, your mind and your body.


Exploring and observing the mind (during meditation and during movement).


Self-talk: the way we look at ourselves and how we act from that


Mindful walking as a bridge between your practice and daily life.


Using your breath as an anchor/focal point.


The power of repetition, repetition, repetition!


Your practice as a beautiful mirror of your daily life.


Your own practice: expectations, happy outcome, schedule, consistency.


Listening to the signals of your body.


Momentum: when to move and when not to move (mentally and physically).

Options and startdates

Movement Practitioner
Online via Zoom

  • 10 weekly 2 hours online group coaching calls via Zoom with a maximum of 5 other participants.
  • Day and time of the weekly 2 hour online group calls will be determined in consultation with all participants.
  • FREE access to all of our live online classes (like the Conscious Movement Yoga) during the weeks you’re attending the Program.
  • Groups starting the whole year round!

Your investment


VAT included in all of our prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Movement Practitioner Program

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I am quite new to practicing yoga/meditation/mindfulness/Qi Gong/another form of (inner) movement/body work. Is the Movement Practitioner Program also for me?

Yes! Whether you’re new to practitioning or have practiced for a long time, the Program is for you if you want to learn how to use any practice as a way to become more conscious about yourself, your thoughts, patterns and habits.

I have experience practicing yoga/meditation/mindfulness/Qi Gong/another form of (inner) movement/body work, but I don’t practice that often.

That’s alright! Part of this Program is about finding out what works for you as a practitioner. How often would you like to practice? How long would you like to practice? And also very important: how can I integrate the practice into my life, so it isn’t just another thing ‘added’ to the to-do-list.

What do I need in the weekly sessions?

The sessions consist of part movement and part self-reflection, sharing insights and learning from each other.

For the movement part of every session we recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and can move easily with. You don’t need to take special shoes, for all the movements will be done without shoes, for better grounding. Depending on the session, you’ll need to use a yoga mat.

Next to that you also need a pen and paper, to be able to write down anything that comes up and answers to the self-reflection exercises.

Can I choose between following the Program in English and following it in Dutch?

The Program will normally be given in English. However, if the group consists fully of Dutch-speaking participants, we can do the Program in Dutch if everyone prefers it that way!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, it is possible to pay in 3 monthly installments of €345. If you prefer to pay in installments, please contact us at!

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