Mind Development Method

Have you ever wondered: will it ever become easier to deal with what’s going on inside me? Will I ever really be able to break free from that constant fuss in my head?

Working on your development all seems so beautiful: if you step out of your comfort zone enough, set goals, find balance and do what makes you happy, you will automatically feel satisfied and happy, right?

But what if you notice that nothing you do really makes you feel peaceful inside? What if you find yourself still experiencing a lot of pressure and stress, and sometimes your mind looks more like a busy highway than a walk in the park?

Do you recognize this?


You spend a lot of time ‘in your head’, trying to understand yourself so that you can change things in your life and yourself.


You can endlessly ruminate, relive situations in your head, thinking about what you should’ve done better.


You regularly ask yourself “Why am I like this?” or “Why do I feel this way?”


Sometimes it feels like you’re in a fight with yourself, your thoughts and your emotions.


You’re very critical of yourself


You are very much concerned with the opinion of others.


You wish you could let go of things easier.


You are looking for ways to control what is and is not happening in your life and your inner world.

Will you ever be able to break free from all this constant fuss in your head?

The answer is YES. It can really get easier to deal with what’s going on inside you. And you can break free from it.



Mind Development Method

The self-development program that helps you move through life effortlessly by creating more awareness and mastery of your mind.

About the Method

What makes the Mind Development Method so unique is that you don’t need anything that is not already in you at the moment. You don’t have to perform or achieve anything, everything we do can be done at the point where you are in your development now. It helps you make a powerful connection with the inner you of that moment, just as you are at that moment.

Who is the Mind Development Method for?

Man, woman, young, old: the Mind Development Method is for anyone who wants to build a strong, loving relationship with his or her own inner world. There is only one important condition: you must consider yourself worthy of investing in your own development and have the will to grow.

What is all included in the program?


10 guided experience sessions (30 - 45 minutes per session)

These sessions are fully intended to practice and integrate the mind development methods. You can use the sessions as a one-time experience, but you can also continue to use them as a deepening of your own inner practice.  The experience sessions consist of mindfulness exercises, various meditations and conscious movement.


A workbook that guides you all the way through the program, including the 3 mind development methods:

  1. become the observer of your mind
  2. experience your emotions in a powerful way
  3. applying introspection for your own development

10 supporting group meetings (1.5 hour per session)

During these group meetings we discuss our experiences and share our insights with each other. By doing this together we help and support each other in the process. This is also the time to ask all your substantive questions, and experience has shown that you learn a lot from the questions asked by fellow participants.

At the end of the program…


...you know how to deal with what is happening in your mind in a powerful way.

Constantly wanting to change and resisting what happens “up there” is no longer necessary.


...you view your inner world from a completely different perspective.

You know your thoughts, feelings and emotions are there for you instead of against you.

...you have a clear understanding of how your mind works and how it affects your life

You’ll be able to let go of things more easily and choose for what does help you further in life.

Options and startdates

Individual Journey

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Experience sessions: every Monday there will be a new experience-session online that you practice by yourself that week, you can do this on your own timing
  • Sharing & Support: once a week there is a group meeting to answer all your questions and support each other
  • Spoken language: Dutch or English, depending on the group
New group starting in February 2021.

Supported Journey

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Experience sessions: every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we practice the experience-session of that week together, the live sessions are held from 9:15 am to 10:00 am
  • Sharing & Support: once a week there is a group meeting to answer all your questions and support each other
  • Spoken language: Dutch or English, depending on the group

New group starting in February 2021.

Why I designed the Mind Development Method

I could be endlessly busy with what was going on in my head, and my feelings and emotions always seemed to conflict with how I wanted to feel. Most of my life I have had the feeling of being in a fight with my inner world. In 2014 I came on the path of personal development.

For more than 6 months I followed a lifestyle program that focuses on nutrition, training and behavioral change and lost 45 kilos. That led to finding my passion, and that’s how I started my first coaching training. In a few years my whole life changed; I had a whole ‘new’ body, a new lifesyle, changed my job and my social life was also in full bloom.

And yet there was something else in me that didn’t feel right. It was as if my inside did not change with the outside. I was still regularly fighting with myself on the inside and I did not feel completely free in my life, because my mind interfered with everything and limited me.

When I started as an entrepreneur and after a few months was so stuck in my own head that it felt like I was hitting a wall, I knew I really had to do something to transform this from within. Ever since then everything has revolved around ‘our mind’ for me.

And then, after countless books, another training, coaching and various self-development tools, the Mind Development Method was born: a method that I have put together based on everything I have been able to learn over the years. It has helped me finally feel free in my own mind, and thus in my life. And that’s what I wish for you too.

Curious about our teacher?

What our students say about the Mind Development Method

The Mind Development Method has given me more sense of control over myself and the meaning of my life. Trust from distrust of your own perception, which gives you the opportunity to look at situations differently. Or to deal with situations differently. MDM has not changed life itself, but has lifted a corner of the veil so that I have seen my own strength. It is now up to me to take that further. At the moment I do that myself, but I can also understand if people would like to do that with follow-up training.

“Through these exercises I have discovered things that I normally do not think about in that way. The variation was fun too: it weren’t always the same exercises.”

Ten weeks ago, I was often overwhelmed with emotions, with thoughts, and I couldn’t get out of this. I clung to anger, sadness and fear and couldn’t see what thoughts were upsetting me like that. Thank you for your educational training.

“By observing the outside world in this way (from the inside of myself), I noticed that I will also look at and listen to it differently. I really like it! A very loving, calm way to become more aware of yourself.”

“Thank you very much, I am very happy with the insights obtained! I can really do something with this.”

“I like this way to train the mind. A little different than usual, so that way you sometimes learn something different. I really enjoyed practicing with the thoughts, without going along with them! They are there and I become aware of them, but they don’t affect me.”

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