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Are you done feeling small, insecure and holding back every time you do something “new”? Discover and release your limiting beliefs in Body and Mind by Movement & Meditation!

With these 15 weekly Masterclasses you will become aware and release limiting beliefs to build consistency and feel love for yourself again.  Together, and with the support of Willemijn her guided meditation and movement sequence, we will create awareness in body and mind to see where we block ourselves in daily actions and interactions. So, are you ready to commit to self love and create from this place new chapters in your story?

To create something “new”, we need to clean our foundation with love and kindness: Our Monkey mind, old stored energy in our bodies and the way we move trough life. Otherwise, we keep repeating our old patterns and habits over and over. Therefore, we are going to discover our limiting beliefs and actions. We do this so we can become aware of all the area’s in which we limit our true selves and to get a better understanding of why things are not working out for us or we never start something new. By being aware and releasing the old, we can create a new story. This will be the story you tell yourself and from now on you can CHOOSE this new story in every day life. With these 15 weekly masterclasses, you will be inspired to ask yourself the right questions so that you no longer need to work hard, but get things done easily.       

“A good question is an invitation to discover a deeper layer inside of yourself”

Awareness can lead you to discover great things. It sets you free and stops you from worrying about how to do things the “right” way, as we don’t believe in right or wrong.

Do you recognize yourself in this?


You want to get more out of your practice and use it as a way for self-reflection and self-development, but you don’t know how to shape and structure this yourself.


You allready tried a lot of coaches, tools and support but nothing is really working. It works for a while, but every time you end up back where you started. 


You are having a bussiness, but your selfcare and own practice are never number 1 in your day. 


During the day you forget to play, share love and have a lot of fun.  


You don’t feel satisfied after your day, because you didn’t get the result you wanted or you dont think about a happy outcome first. 


Without knowing, you move on autopilot during your day. There is no single moment to rest, relax or sit with yourself to take a breath. Or the exact opposite, your really need to push yourself to get something done.


You have a lot of great ideas but you are not making much money with them so far.


You feel this is the moment to make yourself a priority.


It is difficult to calm your mind during your time of practice. You may notice a lot of thoughts, for example about things you need to do that day, want to have, need to achieve or you need to go somewhere. Your mind is always going somewhere or telling you something.

So, why would you want to discover your limiting beliefs?


You set yourself free from old beliefs and patterns that have been limiting your full potential.


After this masterclasses you will have friendly, nice and inspiring conversations with yourself.


We teach you how to release when an old pattern shows up and life gets challenging or difficult. You don’t need someone or something else. We teach you how to do it, so you can tap into your own power.


You will take a step back and start observing yourself. Stop following your current opinions and truths and start opening up for new, warm, loving and beautiful stories to create the life you always wanted.


After this weekly masterclasses you don’t project your life based on fears, old feelings or old ideas anymore.


You will start attract things with ease and joy.


The moment you become aware of all of your thoughts and patterns you can choose what you want in life in every damn moment.


You will discover what you really want and what you are really capable of.

Options and startdates

  The Best of Both Worlds Investment

  • Every Week 1-1,5  hour  online session During 15 weeks
  • On your own timing
  • This is a class where we work on 1 specific area in your life (business)  by a movement class and self reflection moment.
  • An investment for those who want to improve personally and grow business at the same time.
  • + FREE weekly Movement & Mind development class during the 15 weeks: every Tuesday from 09.45 – 11.10 A.M.
  • + FREE access to the recording of the live session  
  • + FREE access to a daily 20-30 minutes recording of guided meditation audio.

Upcoming startdate:

  • January 4, 2021

The BEST investment for personal and business growth

€ 477,-

VAT included in all of our prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Discover Limiting Beliefs Program

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What do I need in the weekly sessions?

The sessions consist of part movement and part self-reflection, sharing insights and learning from each other.

For the movement part of every session we recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and can move easily with. You don’t need to take special shoes, for all the movements will be done without shoes, for better grounding. Depending on the session, you’ll need to use a yoga mat.

Next to that you also need a pen and paper, to be able to write down anything that comes up and answers to the self-reflection exercises.

Can I choose between following the program in English and or in Dutch?

The Program will normally be given in English. However, if the group consists fully of Dutch-speaking participants, we can do the Program in Dutch if everyone prefers it that way!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, it is possible to pay every month.

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