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WILL Be Strong is an accredited school for Inner Work and Movement.

We believe that everything you can give to others, is already there inside you. At WILL Be Strong we help you on your journey to awaken this power, first for yourself, then for another. Through walking the path of Inner Work and Movement, you will start to reconnect with your inner self. The more you are true to yourself, the more you will feel and understand your purpose. It’s time to find it and start sharing it with the world.

News update

Due to corona, we had to put our offline courses, practitioner programs and teacher trainings on hold. At the moment we are working on getting them to an online platform. This will exist even after we can do our teachings offline again, because with taking it online as well, we believe we can help so much more people on their inner journey.

You can follow us on our Instagram to stay updated about this progress.

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Inspiration & Wisdom

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Fresh Start #2

Fresh Start #2

Momenteel zit ik midden in mijn 30-dagen challenge voor een goede start van de dag: op de helft van mijn ‘fresh start à la Dick’. Het begint al wat te worden! Graag deel ik mijn ervaringen tot nu toe.

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Het selffulfilling prophecy-onderzoek

Het selffulfilling prophecy-onderzoek

Wist je dat jouw verwachtingen niet alleen de leerprestaties van je deelnemers beïnvloeden, maar ze een net zo groot effect hebben op het zelfbeeld van je deelnemer? Hoe positiever jouw verwachtingen, hoe positiever het zelfbeeld van jouw deelnemer!

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What our students and cooperation partners say about us

“During this coaching I learned to listen to myself, to let my own feeling be there again: a solid foundation on which I can build further. I experienced the learning environment as very pleasant. There was room for each other and it soon felt familiar. Outside the actual sessions, there was contact and space to discuss things.”

Cindy Kulk

Inner Work Practitioner

“Beautiful concept, great effect! It is nice to see that so much time is spent on the proper development of the entire program. Communication always runs smoothly. Easy to reach and always help each other where necessary! It is wonderful to see how much passion and pleasure is being put into this great company. I hope it will be very successful and that many children in Amersfoort can participate in the WILL Be Strong Heroes Program.”

Lisanne, SRO N.V.

Heroes Program

It is a really interesting experience. Starting the day with this meeting has made me feel more relaxed. You learn a lot about focusing on yourself and making your own decisions instead of caring too much about the opinions of others.”


Inner Work & Movement Experience