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Conscious Movement Yoga

Take the first step to a life at your own pace: it is time to slow down with our Conscious Movement Yoga classes!

When you are in a hurry, there is no space. No space for you to be; to feel your emotions; to feel the sensations in your body. You are going from one thing to the other, without being able to really take in the moment and to reflect on what you’re doing (is it something you really want to do?). There is no space to make different decisions, because there is no space to open up to other possibilities.⁠

To create this space… you need to do the exact opposite: slow down…

The Conscious Movement Yoga classes are there for you to create this space. The slow movements are there to help you unwind and take a step back from your world of haste. The movements help you get back in connection with your body. And, because it is the opposite from what you’re probably used to (going fast), the movements are also functioning as a mirror to your daily life. A mirror that shows you when you are doing too much, but also tells you what you really need: not from a place of fear, but from a place of calmness.

Live, online classes

The live, online classes are on every Tuesday*, from 09.00h till 09.45h CEST (Amsterdam time). Joining the live class is not mandatory, but if you have the possibility we would totally love to have you there live with us!

*In case Tuesday falls on a (Dutch) holiday, there won’t be a live class. Nevertheless, there will be a class for you to watch back, so you can still have your moment(s) of Conscious Movement Yoga for that day/week!

Watch back & repeat

After the weekly live class, a video of the class will be uploaded to our platform. You can watch the class back in your own time and repeat it until the next class as much as you can and like. The more you will repeat it, the more you will get out of it: your experience will never be the same twice, which can teach you a great deal.

A monthly membership

The Conscious Movement Yoga is given in the form of a monthly membership with a price of € 28 (price for 2021, VAT included). Extending your membership another month is of course always possible! Good to know as well: you will continue to have access to the classes for one week after the end of that month.

Try out
Want to try out a class first before taking a monthly membership? No problem! If you are interested, just send an email to or contact her on Instagram.

How it works

The classes will be given online via Zoom, an online meeting tool. You can either attend on your computer or install the app on your tablet/phone. If you don’t have any experience with Zoom, we’ll of course help you with it!

The link to the Zoom meeting room is provided when you sign up and are logged in to our platform. This is also the place where you will be able to find the recordings of that month’s classes.

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Conscious Movement Classes

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Denise Nijland

The teacher

This class is teached by Denise Nijland. She is into everything that has to do with the Body-Mind connection and has found herself a big passion for practicing and teaching slow movement that help you be in your body and in the moment.

Curious about our teacher?