Online classes


Denise Nijland (Conscious Movement teacher) teaches the online yoga classes

Willemijn Nunnikhoven
BioPlayConnection Teacher

I know how discouraging it feels: that one thing in your life that just isn’t going well. Whatever you do, it’s like bumping the same wall over and over and just not getting through.

It happened to me too. After reading dozens of books on self-development, taking course after course and having help from different coaches, I ended up at the same point over and over again. So, I understand your frustration. And I feel the disappointment because you just can’t seem to get it done, even though you’ve already done so much about it. You don’t want to admit it, I get that. But if you are very honest you can no longer ignore it.

And although it feels like you’re ready to throw in the towel right now, I know you know very well that this is not the time to give up. Or push it away again. Especially now. Because deep down you FEEL it is possible. Also for you. Otherwise you would have quit months ago – what am I saying, years ago.

But there is a reason that you have now come to this point. And there is a reason you are reading this now.

What if I tell you that the change you want so badly is much closer than you think now? What if I tell you that you don’t have to work nearly as hard for it as you still believe? What if I tell you that all you have to do to get there is feel and experience the change?

That is how BioPlayConnection supports and guides you.

Why BioPlayConnection?

BioPlayConnection is like a mirror. It allows you to experience in a light, playful way what is currently still ensuring that you get the same result over and over again and the experience will change this.

It lets you feel what you unconsciously still take with you in all your physical and mental movements, so that you, without realizing it, still move through life in the same way. Instead of choosing a new way of movement, with desired outcome. 

The way in which we -literally- move through life is not ‘random’, but stems from all the conditioning that we get from childhood. All ‘mannerisms’ that we have been taught as a child (by ourselves or significant others) can ensure that we are no longer able to move ‘freely’ in adulthood. We move according to a fixed pattern. This fixed pattern in our physical and mental movements ensures that we get the same outcomes in our lives over and over again.

BioPlayConnection helps you discover your current pattern. By being guided intuitively by the music you will see, feel and recognize your pattern more and more clearly. You will experience how your old way of moving currently stands in the way of moving in new, creative and playful ways. A way where your move through life with fun, lightness and ease.

Unless you can detect your current movement pattern, you cannot change it. What you can’t feel, you can’t change into a new feeling. Get into the habit of watching for changes in your tension level as you move through life.

At the same time, BioPlayConnection helps you to let go of this old pattern and to be able to move completely ‘free’ again. How? That’s the best of all. You don’t have to do anything special for that, except to embrace the new ways of moving that you experience and explore during class.

Change with ease, lightness and fun does not come by simply deciding with your mind that you want something different. Change comes by experiencing from within how that change feels for you.

In order to get more freedom, more fun and more flow in your life, you must attune your entire ‘being’ to how you experience your desired outcome. During BioPlayConnection we do this by inviting your desired outcome over and over again and simply experiencing it. That’s it. Really, it doesn’t get any easier 😜.

What is BioPlayConnection™?

The BioPlayConnection classes are one big playground, where your experience is the focal point. It’s about enjoying the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting and playfull atmosphere. During the classes you do not have to perform or present yourself in a certain way. We do not teach you dance steps or a particular choreography. Let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery within yourself through the different types of music, movement, bio development, dance, theater and mindfulness exercises and the accompanying words of our BioPlayConnection teacher Willemijn.

Who is BioPlayConnection™ for?

BioPlayConnection is for everyone who wants to allow themselves to go through life with lightness, and who want to work on his or her self development in a playfull way. No (moving) background is required and it does not matter whether you are already nice and smooth in the hips, or if you still move stiffly here and there. You are welcome as you are. You don’t even have to feel good. In fact, are you feeling sad, cranky or even a little angry? Just take it with you during class! It can all be there. So, pull out your most comfy outfit and enjoy this moment with yourself.


Live, online classes

Start your weekday letting the powerful energies of fun and joy flow through your body and mind! The classes are given in Dutch and English. See the schedule below for the an overview of the live, online classes. Joining the live classes is not mandatory, but if you have the possibility we would totally love and enjoy to have you there live moving and exploring with us!


  • Dutch classes: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 06.40h till 07.30h CEST (Amsterdam time)*
  • English classes: every Tuesday and Thursday from 06.40h till 07.30h CEST (Amsterdam time)*

*In case a day falls on a (Dutch) holiday, there won’t be a live class. Nevertheless, there will be a class for you to watch back, so you can still have your moment(s) of BioPlayConnection for that day!

Watch back & repeat

After the daily live class, a video of the class will be uploaded to our platform. You can watch every class back in your own time. Every class will be available for one week.

Also, feel free to repeat the same class multiple times. The more you will repeat it, the more you will discover about your inner world and current movement patterns: your experience will never be the same twice, which can transform the old movement patterns immediately into new movement, choices and unlimited possibilities.

A monthly membership

The BioPlay Connection is given in the form of a monthly membership with a price of € 68 (price for 2021, VAT included).

If you are happy to explore and join a monthly membership, send an email to, contact her on Instagram or fill out the form below.

Try out
Want to explore and experience a few classes first before taking a monthly membership? Send an email to or contact her on Instagram!

How it works

The classes will be given online via Zoom, an online meeting space. You can either attend on your computer or install the app on your tablet/phone. If you don’t have any experience with Zoom, we’ll of course help you with it! In the Zoom link we share our playlist of the day which you can play yourself in Spotify.  

The link to the Zoom meeting room is provided when you sign up and are logged in to our platform. This is also the place where you will be able to find the recordings of the previous classes of that week.

What our students say about  BioPlayConnection

“I think I can honestly say that the BioPlayConnection is one of the best things that has happened to me in recent times… so thank you thank you for these lessons and experiences.”

“BioPlayConnection made me realize that I was still doing too much in my daily life. Yesterday and the day before I felt very strongly that I can do a lot less, but I just don’t see how yet… and then you just came up with that last piece in the class, that made my mind really think: HUH???!?!?! But I already feel that what you said is correct. I still don’t really see how yet, but I can now fully embrace this confusion I feel inside of myself. Because of the difference between the old and the new movement, I have gained enough confidence through the lessons to dare to let go of control there and to start doing less.”

Do you want to discover your current movement patterns, start to take leadership over your inner world and learn how to free yourself from old destructive movement patterns? Let’s plan an introduction meeting!

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