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Bio Play Connection Classes 

The Bio Play Connection is one big movement playground! Where you can enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming accepting atmosphere. Open to all, without any movement background necessary.

Where you can connect to your body and imagination, experience physical sensations, improve your flexibility and stamina and enjoy the pleasure of movement.




Once upon a time Willemijn experienced this Bio Play Connection in a bio-development course in Koh Phangan Thailand where she experienced this Bio Play Connection. This technique is inspired by Bio development, Bio Danza, tantra and mindfulness practice. Since that day she just walked and moved trough life, dancing, laughing, allowing and accepting what comes to body and mind. In this class you will experience when you move because of your Mind or from your own beat of movement. She would love to share this love-based playful mindful movement connection with you all, to experience the movement of your own beat and to re-connect with this beat. 

Do you remember the exciting energy that you experienced when you went to Disneyland for the first time, and the second time, the third time? Using dance, movement, music, theater exercises and mindfulness the class will stimulate all your imagination and creativity, which makes you want to come back every time and do the same ride over and over! Reconnect with your inner child: dance, play, sing, move and have fun! 

And just between us… If you want to talk serious about this class, it’s also about self-development based on acceptance. It helps you to harmonize your body and mind and helps balancing your emotions. It shows you where you are living based on your mind instead of intuition based. To start moving on your own beat you will start to experience where you want to make more loving choices. 

Want to join these classes with your family? That’s possible! Children are very much welcome in our family classes! Share your experience with your kids and partner, so to stay connected and life in pure joy together!

Why should you join and enjoy life with us?


If you want to stop living from the Mind and feel the Beat of your body again.


If you want to develop your intuition by movement.


If you like to play and want to expand your joy.


If you want to have inspiration for in your yoga, tantra, movement or coaching class.

If you are curious how moving can change your life.
If you feel grumpy sometimes.
If you want to experience how it is to feel pure joy from the inside.
If you feel you need to start to move again.
If you want to become your own best friend.
If you want to re-connect with simplicity.
THE FAMILY EXTRAS (for if you’re joining the family practice!)
If you want to share special family time.

If you want to raise your children with consciousness.


If you want to add more love and playfulness into your life.

If you want to have more inspiration to “play” at home.
If you want to improve your relationship with your child(ren).
If you are a little bit bored of the same routines with your child(ren).

Class schedule

Our Bio Play Connection classes online once a week (starting december 2020) and we would love to welcome you in our beautiful online Zoom space. Please Just come as you are.

Individual Practice
Every Thursday at 09.45 – 11.15 online

You can also follow this class on your own timing and in your own space with your own friends or family, because the class will be recorded.

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Online via Zoom

The online classes will be given online, live via Zoom. Before the class you’ll receive a login link. If you don’t have any experience with Zoom, we’ll of course help you with it!

Class details

3 Weekly online classes: € 68,00 / month

Each class lasts for 45 minutes

Monday, Wednesday and Friday is Dutch speaking classes

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is English speaking classes

VAT included in all of our prices.

Sign up

We hope to see you in one of our classes! If you are interested, have questions and/or want to sign up for a class. Please do so by sending an e-mail to willemijn@willbestrong.com or a DM on our Instagram! Let’s move and play together!

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Your teacher

This class is teached by Willemijn Nunnikhoven. This class is everything except talking, perfect, you are saved 😜!

Curious about our teacher?