Online classes

To get properly and flowing movement in all aspects and layers of your being, you have to become aware of much more than just the form of it. This is what our classes are all about.

Our practices and methods are to get vitality, strength, create balance and harmonize the heart, body and mind. You will learn to get control over these things and learn not to react to all the outside temptations and external things. You will learn to focus within. You will discover your center, because no matter what happens in your external world, your center will always stay the same.

With every class you will be building on your own fundament, so that your fundament becomes firm and strong. When we are training it is not important how it looks from the outside. What matters is what happens inside of you. It’s all about one purpose: to transform from the inside in order to change.

Our online (live) classes

Start your personal at home training with our online live classes (or watch back later), and slowly work your way towards your own destiny. Discover yourself within one of our classes.


The BioPlayConnection™ classes are one big playground, where your experience is the focal point. It’s about enjoying the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting and playfull atmosphere. Let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery within yourself through the different types of music, movement, bio development, dance, theater and mindfulness exercises and the accompanying words of our BioPlayConnection™ teacher Willemijn.

Conscious Movement Yoga

Welcome home to your body! Give your body the attention and love it deserves with these Conscious Movement Yoga classes. These classes mainly contain guided movement (slow and very conscious, with loving attention to the body), with depending on the class an addition of meditation, self-massage or intuitive movement.⁠