Do you know that we keep our past memories in our body and that they are affecting our mind? How can we embrace them and heal them?

As teachers, it’s often that we “touch” the past memories of our students. In our practices, we encounter this while moving the body and the mind. Movement of the muscles in our body creates physical tensions which touches the emotions associated with past memories that are stuck.

A lot of these memories come from our life experience, what we’ve been through. They might be there since our young age or throughout our adult life and bring many different impacts. However, it doesn’t matter as the impact they bring to our life tends to be “negative”. For instance, they tend to tell us to hide as a way to protect ourselves from our emotions and feelings. More often than not, it leads to a negative effect on how we live our life. 

To give you an example, a child gets punished for expressing her emotional needs. At this state, everything is okay for her as this becomes her safest option in life. As she grows up, she may experience difficulties connecting with her body and noticing her emotional sides. Furthermore, the disconnection might create a big challenge when discovering what she really needs.

That brings us to our daily life and the life of those surrounding us. Living a life that we want is still a challenge for many of us. Just like the child who is disconnected from a young age, we all have our past memories with us. However, we can still change it by giving all the space we have for our feelings, emotions and needs. It’s very important to do so, to let them be and then observe them. From there, we can give ourselves some extra love instead of hiding and putting important needs to the side!