What happens if you don’t have a focus point, a vision, for yourself in your life? What if you have absolutely no clue on where to aim your arrow? I know the answer, ’cause I’ve been there: you start firing in every possible direction you know.

And you know what -although you are at least doing something– when you think about it in the longer terms, it probably won’t help your future you. Because you also don’t really know whether you fired in the right or wrong direction.

“But I don’t know where to aim, what my vision is, where my focus point should be…”

Well, than is that to be your focus point. Your focus should be on you and finding out what your vision is (for now). And on the way, you’ll also find out which beliefs, which doubts, are holding you back on really going for this vision.

“What to do if I have a vision for myself?”

Focus on all the things important to that vision. Take action. What do you need in order to make this vision come true? And when you think about that, are there any thoughts coming up that could be holding you back? About money or other material needs, about what you can (not) do, about what others would think of you? Why aren’t you already living the life of your vision? Remember to not be judgmental about any answer, just try to be open and truthful to yourself.

“What if my vision changes?”

I’ve been there multiple times. The only thing I can say is that it’s part of the process as well. I went from working a (almost) fulltime job, to freelancing as a graphic designer to what I do now. My vision changed, because I changed. And I changed in the way that I am now more closer to myself than ever, so with that, my vision is also a better representation of what I really want (and feel possible). If I hadn’t aimed an arrow towards my vision, I wouldn’t have known what’s in front of it; what’s holding me back on making this vision come to life.


Aim your arrow,
Where your heart wants to fire


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