What our students and cooperation partners say about us

With love we share the experiences of our students and cooperation partners.

It is a really interesting experience. Starting the day with this meeting has made me feel more relaxed. You learn a lot about focusing on yourself and making your own decisions instead of caring too much about the opinions of others.”


Inner Work & Movement Experience

“During this coaching I learned to listen to myself, to let my own feeling be there again: a solid foundation on which I can build further. I experienced the learning environment as very pleasant. There was room for each other and it soon felt familiar. Outside the actual sessions, there was contact and space to discuss things.”

Cindy Kulk

Inner Work Practitioner

“Beautiful concept, great effect! It is nice to see that so much time is spent on the proper development of the entire program. Communication always runs smoothly. Easy to reach and always help each other where necessary! It is wonderful to see how much passion and pleasure is being put into this great company. I hope it will be very successful and that many children in Amersfoort can participate in the WILL Be Strong Heroes Program.”

Lisanne, SRO N.V.

Heroes Program

“If you think about it to do sports training, then this is the course you want to follow. I’ve learned so much more here than just simply teaching sports, as you see in many other courses. You will gain insight into people’s thinking and how you can best deal with this. The coaching does not stop after the sports lesson, you always have to be there for your customers. You learn here how you can really be of value and there is also a lot of room for self-development. What I find very interesting about the course is that I also zoom in very well on nutrition. You can still train as much and as much as you want, but if your diet is not matched you will still achieve nothing. After my exam I knew that I had the right knowledge and that I was also fully prepared for the real work. Thank you Willemijn, it was fantastic in one word!”

Maaike Kastrop

Fit Coach level 4

“As a school we have twicely taken a course. I experienced the collaboration as pleasant. Friendly teachers who are open to information and do something with it. Communication went well. Agreements are made and subsequently fulfilled. The training courses were offered in a safe manner. Vulnerable children also benefited from the offer, partly because there was good differentiation. There was a nice build-up in skill in the lessons. Nice to see how the people of WILL Be Strong want to help other people.”

Auris Prof. Groenschool

Heroes Program

“The training is given by very enthusiastic teachers with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. I thought it was a good education with a good level. I find the personal approach and coaching during the training very good and the interaction with the participants is very well stimulated. In addition to giving sports training, you will learn to coach your customer and the influence of coaching as the basis of every training. I give the course a 9. Keep it up.”

Freek Diets, Discipline Sports

Fit Coach, level 3

“The Fit Coach course was given by a very experienced teacher. The course is a combination of a traditional fitness training and a full life coaching training. The course has taught me a strong motivational coaching base. I have learned a whole new way of thinking and doing. Which has changed my life in a positive way. Its all about Mind & Body. How these work together!”


Fit Coach, level 3

“As an after-school care facility, we have taken courses at several of our locations. We experienced the cooperation as pleasant. Willemijn is a very nice, spontaneous and sporty teacher! We will definitely book her again in the future!”

BSO Partou

Heroes Program & Fit Coach, level 4