About our school

Our own path led us here: a brief history about WILL Be Strong.

WILL Be Strong was founded in 2016 by Willemijn Nunnikhoven, applied psychologist and behavioral expert. It started as a training institute that specialized in bringing together mindset, fitness and health, but since then has evolved into a school for Inner Work and Movement. Willemijn’s own journey of self-exploration led her to this.

Up to 2019 Willemijn mostly led WILL Be Strong by herself. Because she felt her dream for WILL Be Strong was too big to do everything alone, she decided to bring together a team of like-minded people. People who have immersed themselves in different energy and self-development modalaties, because they saw the importance of this for their own growth, but also for others.

We are happy to say that since then WILL Be Strong has already grown into what it is today, a school for everyone who wants to follow their heart and walk the path less taken: their own.

What we stand for

We are not a normal school. We are here to support you on your journey.

Your true self (“your Buddha nature”)

Our soul purpose is to help each and every individual to simply be who they really are. By just being. We believe that through self-exploration, everyone can free themselves from the collective consciousness and be their true selves. Reconnecting with your inner self and inner wisdom helps you to lead a more prosperous and fulfilling life. We will guide you on this journey of self-exploration.

Reconnect with your inner power

We believe that the wisdom you need in life is already inside of you. Sadly these wisdom are often covered with some clouds: “conditions” which we collected over the years. To feel, see and just be, you need to remove these clouds. How? By doing practices that focus on inner work.

Create your own path

During our online classes, practitioner programs and teacher trainings we maintain an approach that may be different than what you are used to. Because we want to encourage you to create your own path, rather than following a path someone else decided for you, we won’t tell you what to do. Instead of that, you will do inner practice by just be. We know this can feel a bit unusual in the beginning, but we will explore and celebrate every step together! You won’t be receiving any study material upfront, because we believe that the answers you are looking for are already inside of you.

Learn through experience

We strongly believe that learning through experience is the best form of learning you can give to yourself. Anything that you experience directly in your body and mind, tends to have a greater impact on you. During our programs and trainings we focus on achieving knowledge from our own true wisdom, acquired through our own experience to guide you with your practice. This rather than “receiving” the knowledge through information we’ve seen or read.